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Ofsted May 18:
  • King’s Farm Primary School is a Good School.
  • An impressive number of pupils take part in extra-curricular clubs before or after school.
  • Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school.
  • The curriculum captures pupils’ imagination and they are eager to find out more.
  • In 2017 the school’s results at the expected standard for combined reading, writing and mathematics were the most improved in Kent.
  • Children in the early years make good progress from their starting points.

PE & Sports Premium


King’s Farm Primary School   

PE & Sports Grant Funding.


Proposed Spending 2019/20

Physical Education and Sport.

King’s Farm Primary School is a Gravesham Borough Primary School that endeavours to provide all pupils access to a wide variety of high quality sports. The school has a qualified coach as its Physical Education (PE) co-ordinator and also benefits from another qualified coach who ensures that the pupils of the school receive correctly structured PE lessons which cover all areas of the National Curriculum. This provides the opportunity for the children to be active and informed in reference to the benefits of healthy living and healthy well-being. At present the pupils receive two hours of PE a week.

The school is being developed further with the Primary PE and school sport premium funding. We expect to receive £18,949 during 2018/19. The key areas for development are school club links, inter school competitions and healthy living. The next steps are to work closely with Ifield School as part of the Cedar Federation and introduce off site enrichment activities encouraging more pupils to participate in after school clubs and experience new and unusual sports.

King’s Farm Primary School also benefits from a partnership with Charlton Athletic Football Club, who provide a daily coach for a lunchtime club and a full time coach every Friday. A play leader scheme is also embedded in the school with these children organising and delivering break/lunchtime activities alongside trained members of staff. This encourages the values of fair play, behaviour and discipline in sport as well as respect and friendship.

We will ensure the impact of the Sports Funding is sustainable by ensuring that the funding is targeted to improve the skills and knowledge of teachers and promotes a lifelong love of sport in the children.

2019/29 Proposed Spending

  Kings Farm Sports Premium 2019-20

Review of 2018/19 Spending

  Kings Farm Sports Premium 2018-19

Review of 2016/17 Spending

   Kings Farm Sports Premium 2016-17

Cedar Federation Action Plan:



Success Criteria

To work collaboratively to deliver two additional extracurricular clubs/activities across the federation, i.e. Multi Skills Club and Change for Life Club

External Coach (Gillingham Ladies Football Club)

Ifield School: fitness suite, cooking room, sports hall

By delivering two additional extra-curricular clubs per week, targeting groups of students who are often disengaged with PE and Sport, we aim to develop pupil’s participation, interest and progress in PE and sport.  

*Sarah Smith and Richard Gardner to team teach class 4 and R at Kings Farm on a weekly basis.


To enhance the delivery of swimming sessions to all KS1 and KS2 pupils at King’s Farm Primary School

Swimming Coach/ Richard Skirving

@ Cascades Leisure Centre/ Ifield Hydro pool


By delivering swimming sessions to all pupils in KS1 and KS2, we aim for all pupils at King’s Farm Primary School to be able to swim a minimum of 25 metres (national curriculum requirement) by the end of Primary School, as well as promoting swimming to parents and carers.

*Richard Skirving to teach swimming to all nursery students once a week.

To organise two annual events, focusing on pupils knowledge and understanding of healthy lifestyles and skills in the workplace, i.e Healthy Living day and Enterprise day



Numerous external agencies: emergency services, Take Pride etc.

PE department and equipment (both schools)

Cooking room/ Ifield Life

By sharing current initiatives across The Federation, we aim to promote these key themes within our curriculum areas and develop relationships between families and schools across the federation.

*Take Pride events at King’s Farm Primary School (as applicable)

To develop self-help skills for focus groups at King’s Farm Primary School, i.e. Self Esteem groups/ Learning Zone

Ifield Life

By utilising the Ifield Life facility across The Federation, we aim to enhance pupils understanding of life skills and jobs around the home.

Focus on SEAL incentive, i.e getting on, going for goals, bullying etc