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Kings- Farm School Events Meeting

May 5th 2015


Keyli Clarke

Dallis Hartup

Linda Parker

Sarah Goodwin

Debbie Josh

Judy Warren

The following staff met  with some parents to discuss the Northfleet Carnival and the School Parade.

The parents also put forward lots of suggestions for future events they would like to see held at the school.

Parade and Carnival suggestions.

Large rosettes to cover the float, Red White and blue materials ,local businesses to give support for decoration i.e. local florist.

Local dance school to perform, gymnastics club, football club.

One parent has a sparrow hawk which may come on the day.

Lots of help needed as the float will probably have to be decorated a few hours before the parade.

Parents who attended the meeting would get a chance to be on the float.



Dallis Hartup also asked parents about any suggestions for future events in the school.

The following were suggested.


Year 6 Ball

Year 6 Leavers Assembly

Summer Fete BBQ

Halloween Disco

Nativity Play

Valentines Disco

Key stage 1 and 2 Sports Day

Whole School Christmas Party


Fund Raisers.

Cake sale


Jelly and Ice-cream

Kings-Farm’s Got Talent.